We offer all of our lamb as grass fed, free range and GMO-free. To comply with this claim, the following are our definitions of these descriptions:

Grass fed: All animals have been raised under normal New Zealand farming conditions with year round access to grass (hay, silage, lucerne and/or feed crops).

Free range: Animals that have the freedom to associate naturally with animals in their peer group, have never been confined to feedlots and that are ‘free to range’ or ‘roam freely’ and have access to the outdoors, and the opportunity for extensive locomotion and sunlight prevented by indoor housing systems.

GMO-free: No animals have been fed any genetically modified feed during their lifetime.
NOTE: The use or experimentation of any Genetically Modified Organisms in New Zealand is controlled by an act of Parliament and controlled by the ERMA (Environmental Risk Management Authority). To date the ERMA has not approved any GMO Animal Food or GMO Fodder Crop for general use in New Zealand.

Lamb: As defined by the NZ Ministry of Primary Industries - "A sheep less than 12 months of age or which does not have any permanent incisors in wear."
NOTE: Unlike in other countries, older lambs in New Zealand are mouthed at time of slaughter to ensure a correct determination of age.

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