New Zealand Natural Lamb Company, produces high quality, grass fed, free range GMO-free lamb, grown on the lush green open pastures of New Zealand. We are a jointly owned, vertically integrated lamb business delivering direct to our USA customers.

Our JV-owners are a group of Internationally recognized New Zealand lamb companies who employ over 1,200 people across five technically advanced and highly-efficient processing facilities. The strategic locations of these modern facilities allows NZ Natural Lamb Company to deliver a consistent 52 week product supply via dedicated producer channels.

Our farmer partners are located close to our processing plants. This proximity minimizes transport times and allows for same day kill, minimizing animal stress and maximizing yield.

Collectively, NZNL has nearly 100 years of global delivery experience, serving and supplying New Zealand lamb to retail, food service, institutional and manufacturing businesses in over 50 countries. Our product can be supplied fresh in VP(vacuum packaging) or MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) and distributed anywhere throughout the USA with exceptional shelf life, flavor, taste and texture to satisfy the most discerning consumers.


Our mission is to directly service, grow and support our fresh US retail business by offering a local strategic supply link to our New Zealand natural lamb supply partners.

If you are a North American retailer seeking an unmatched premium supply of Grass Fed, Free Range and GMO Free New Zealand lamb be sure to contact us directly.

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